Sacred Energy Art Services

All Services are available by Phone, Video or in Person

We are Certified Holistic Practitioners specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services.

We regard each new opportunity to advance and evolve the emotional, physical and spiritual lives of our clients

We believe in bringing to light what is under the surface, creating space for each Individual to heal and a nurturing mentality to support these difficult tasks.

We appear as a spiritual guides when you are ready to walk the way back home to your heart

it is our pleasure to support the blossoming of your self mastery.

When you feel the time is right , get in touch with us to start healing your mind, body, and soul.

Pandora Star Services

We offer a fully customizable Deep Trance Guided Meditations and Brain Entrainment Events and private and group session based on your needs, intentions or goals.

This experience allows a full spectrum integration of Light and Sound Alchemy, resulting in the diverse benefits of expanded consciousness, manifestation power, Deep Trance restorative effects, accelerated healing and much more!

We have over 60 different kinds of Deep Trance programs to cater to any of your specific needs. 

Each session includes a 432hz music played on a  noise cancelation headphones for a fully immersed experience.

  This Session is only available in person on the Island of Oahu, HI
Experience the healing of the future with the Pandora Star

Intuitive Guidance Counseling

Looking to just get some Intuitive Guidance?

Do you have some Questions about life that are overwhelming you?

With our Intuitive Counseling, it is important to remember that the transmissions are to activate your own divine consciousness that honors and soothes the growing pains of your personal ascension journey.

 This Service is our Psychic Hotline that you can ask questions or give details about situations and receive  answers in person  or over the phone. Each session is intuitively guided and explained to work on your specific needs, giving you clarity and confidence in the path ahead. 

Oracle Readings

 Oracle Reading sessions are a good way to get a lot of confirmation on where you can take control of how you respond to certain situations. In these informative sessions, you’ll learn more about your past in order to give you full acknowledgment of what is already behind you.
Your presence of centering your awareness around what is happening in the moment giving you clarity and acceptance of your path in the near future and enabling you to to exert more of your power over any upcoming obstacles or opportunities.

Most clients leave this session with a sense of direction and clarity in their future decisions or opportunities.

 We offer these sessions in person, via phone, or via video chat.

Get a hold of us today to gain clarity on your future.

Shamanic Services

We offer a Variety of Energetic and Shamanic Guided Sessions to assist in creating Balance, Clarity and Emotional Evolvement.

They range from simple techniques for you to learn and practice, to fully emersion of multiple layers of your Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual states of awareness.

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Sacred Energy Alchemy Services

Find new ways of connecting to your Sacred Energy, Sexual Desire or develop a deeper connection with your partner.

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