What is PandoraStar?

Deep Trance Meditation Light Therapy

PandoraStar is a powerful Brainwave Entrainment technology that offers a fast, safe way to alter brainwaves and states of consciousness with some extraordinary benefits...Tap into your brain’s innate capabilities for focus, calm, creativity and productivity. Activate deep healing and manifestations. Journey beyond the body, discover the secrets of the Universe.


PandoraStar Applications:

-Hypnosis (access deep trance states like never before).

-Boosting brain power, memory and learning.

-Easy access to deep meditation and transcendental states

-Psychedelic experiences without any drawbacks.

-Healing and energy work for re-calibrating the nervous system.

Benefits of Flickering Light: Visual Brainwave Entrainment 

-Stress, anxiety, depression relief.

-Sleep aid for insomnia, jet lag and other issues associated with de-synced circadian rhythm. 

-Cognitive Enhancement: Increased brain processing speeds
(think/read faster), improved memory, more creativity, less distraction.

-Relief of PMS symptoms: Clinical studies done at London's Hammersmith hospital have shown that 71% of participants achieved total relief from symptoms of PMS.

-Deeper explorations in altered-states.

Some well researched Brainwave States and Corresponding Data:

-Blood serum levels of serotonin/endorphin/melatonin rise following flickering light at 10 Hz.

-7.8 Hz frequency increases Cerebral blood flow, which is essential for good mental health.

-Normalization of breathing and heart rate variability following flickering light at 7.8 Hz.

-Flickering light stimulation at 110 hz activates right brain and peak moments of empathy.

-Significant Human Growth Hormone (HGH) released at 1.05 Hz.

-A-ha moments, the flow-state, déjà vu, intuition, all correspond to 7 Hz-8 Hz (the Theta-Alpha boader).

Through combination of twelve high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) and integrated microcontroller technology, PandoraStar produces an almost infinite variety of stroboscopic sequenced light patterns, providing deep frequency entrainment for the brain.

What's special about PandoraStar is that it allows you to access the same brain wave states, over and over again reliably and constantly. This means that you can create the neural pathways biologically (if you use the same program regularly over 30 days) to reliably access that brainwave state as a conscious decision, instead of accidentally at different points during that day. This also means that you can train yourself to experience exotic states of consciousness such as gamma or lambda on a regular basis, which would take decades through meditation alone. PandoraStar is also unique in that it creates the trance through the optic nerve, with the light working within the visual cortex and cerebral cortex of the brain, accessing parts of the brain which are not accessible through entrainment by sound. It stimulates the thalamus which is responsible for all five senses with the exception of sound.  This means that we can focus these states and use them for helping ourselves strengthen our focus, meditation practice, our health or goals in a reliable and consistent manner.

There are a few different types of brain waves, varying in frequency and speed:

Lambda Waves

Lambda waves have a frequency (speed) of 200Hz and more. Lambda is an exotic state of consciousness which has been found in very advanced meditative states, out of body experiences and near death experiences. Very little is known about its full capacity, it is still one of the mysteries of consciousness our mind has to offer.

Gamma Waves

Gamma waves are the fastest brainwave frequency with the smallest amplitude. Neuroscientists believe that gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain – the gamma wave originates in the thalamus and moves from the back of the brain to the front and back again 40 times per second – not only that, but the entire brain is  influenced by the gamma wave. This rapid “full sweep” action makes the gamma state one of peak mental and physical performance. Most of us experience this as ' being in the flow. Gamma is that feeling that you can do anything.

Beta Waves

These are characteristic of an engaged and focused mind. A person engaged in active conversation, teaching, writing essays or debating. In modern waking life, this is experienced daily.

Alpha Waves

These are slower than the beta waves and represent the less aroused state. After finishing work when we take a break we often experience alpha waves. When we are engaged in creative tasks such a painting alpha waves are present. Alpha waves are present during light trance and meditation states also. As we relax into alpha waves we enter into a deeper state of consciousness as our waves slow down and we near the dividing line of 14 cycles per second we enter into an alpha rhythm.

Theta Waves

These are present during deep dreaming and some meditative states; they are associated with serene calmness, medium to deep sleep, shamanic journeying, deep healing, medium to deep trance and feeling emotional urges.  Theta waves are associated with the sub-conscious mind where we hold all of our past experiences – thought, emotion and behaviour patterns. Here we have access to our intuition and a gateway to learning.  You may have experienced or even be trained in the popular modality of Theta Healing.

Delta Waves

These are produced in our sub-conscious when we are at the slowest and deepest state of sleep and rest, possibly representative of very deep trance. The waves never go down to zero as this is the brain dead state. Dreamless sleep will take you down to the lowest frequency of 2 or 3 cycles per second.

Epsilon Waves

Epsilon waves are the exact opposite. Their frequency is everything below 0.5Hz. Epsilon waves have been found in extremely deep states of meditation. They are connected with a feeling of complete bliss and compassion. Someone meditating who reaches the epsilon brain wave state of mind can experience extreme spiritual and personal insight and inspiration. Also, a spontaneous out of body experience can occur (in combination with lambda waves). It can also act as effective pain relief by increasing levels of pain relieving hormones produced by the brain and body.  

Brainwave entrainment has become a popular alternative therapy by which people have attempted to improve mental health, increase their cognitive function, and consciously alter their state of consciousness. Historically people have utilized brainwave entrainment to help treat insomnia, reduce stress, and enhance meditation practices. PandoraStar uses light induced deep meditative trance to entrain clients/users to the different frequencies above and help them create neural pathways which support healthier brain wave patterns.

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