My Story And My Purpose

The Journey

Thomas Serrato is a California born Reiki Master, Certified Daka of Tantra Education, Medium and Shaman. In August of 2007 he had a near death experience alone in Palm Desert dunes. Going for one last ride on his ATV before selling it to a friend, little did he know it would change his entire life. He set out for a leisurely ride knowing there was nobody around. He had been riding since he was a boy and never crashed...assuming there wasn't a worry on this last ride. As he proceeded in the increasing hot temperature of the desert, he realized that he had lost his way in the trails which became more narrow, confusing and turned into rocky terrain. Advancing up a hill, to gain a sense of where he was, him and his ATV found themselves completely airborne and plummeting from a 150 ft cliff. Upon landing, he was ejected off and crushed by the ATV which landed on his back. 

Severely injured, broken spine in 6 places, broken ribs, collapsed lung, 9 bulging discs, broken collarbone and arm, torn ligaments in left knee and skinned entire back, he was left with a decision to lay there and die...or fight to live. He managed to walk 2 miles in 120 degree heat in the middle of Palm Desert to find his truck. Bleeding to death and barely able to walk, he noticed vultures above him ready to swoop down at any moment if he were to give up. Making it to his truck, he managed to get ahold of his friend who eventually came to escort him to the nearest hospital. During the hospital stay, Thomas experienced his out of body experience going into the void. He remembers the void being pitch black nothingness and seeing far above him a white light. Looking below himself in an aerial view, he noticed his physical body laying in the hospital bed with tubes, IV's, braces and casts surrounded by arguing family members. He felt a "push" back towards his physical body by an Angelic presence. Not wanting to go back to the disastrous hospital scene, he told the Angelic presence that he wanted to go up towards that light far high above.

The Angelic presence replied with: 'You have a little more to learn, but a lot more to teach." 

After this near death/out of body experience, he went through 6 years of surgeries and recovery. This was followed by severe addictions, depression and chronic pain. In 2013, Thomas had his awakening to his Shamanic lineage after experimenting with plant medicine for the first time. Throughout his journeying, he became absolutely certain that he was to embark on the path of a powerful healer. His true passion and heartfelt purpose is to help as many clients as possible to break through their obstacles in all aspects of their emotional, physical, spiritual wellbeing and establishing their connection to the Divine. Helping them change their lives, he has a strong connection with the Archangels who work through him and facilitate the most complete and permanent healing. 

Now based in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

 Thomas has began a new path of service to humanity, the environment, improving the wellbeing of people and the āina itself. Thomas uses an array of natural and spiritual techniques. His methods render new space created within the soul that helps bring clarity and acceptance into all of his clients lives. If you are wanting to learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your dreams and aspirations, get in touch with him today to begin your transformational journey. 

Currently, Thomas offers One on One Multi-Modality Healing Sessions, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing , Breathwork Guidance, Group Retreats, PandoraStar Deep Trance Therapy Sessions, Tantra Education and House Cleansings. Thomas is also available for Public Speaking Engagements, Business Blessings, Brand Ambassadorship, Radio and TV features, Magazine Interviews and Paid Collaborations. 

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